Kotlin/Multiplatform Fat Framework for iOS

When building a Kotlin/Multiplatform library for iOS, the documentation and most examples show how to build for either x86 or ARM64. However, what if you'd actually want to use your library both on iPhone devices as well as the iOS Simulator. Here's how to build a fat framework with plain Gradle. In this article, we'll … Continue reading Kotlin/Multiplatform Fat Framework for iOS

Android library publication in 2020

Using Gradle 6, Kotlin DSL and Dokka. Many guides and how-to's about publishing Android libraries use outdated information. While the (deprecated) Gradle maven plugin, bintray or artifactory plugins continue to work just fine, things look a little different when using Gradle Kotlin DSL. Also, when creating Android libraries written in Kotlin, code documentation should use … Continue reading Android library publication in 2020

Fixing Steam on Linux OpenGL GLX warning

In some cases, Steam on Linux greets your with an error dialog stating: OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering, which may cause performance problems This is because Steam ships copies of several system libraries which may interfere with other libraries on your system that it doesn't replace. This can easily be fixed. Just … Continue reading Fixing Steam on Linux OpenGL GLX warning