Qtopia Filemanager

FileManager does exactly what it’s name implies, it was intended to have something like FExplorer for Symbian S60 on the Greenphone. You can quite comfortably navigate trough the Greenphone’s filesystem and modify it freely (and damage it even easier). The current version can be called stable, most intended features are implemented and no crashes occur (testing, anyone?).


  • Copy, cut, paste, delete, rename and add files, folders or symlinks
  • Do the same with multiple files / folders as well via MarkMode
  • Open a file with default app (via MimeType) or edit it with TextEdit (called Notes on QPE)
  • Navigation with softkeys and touchscreen possible
  • Wildcard searching of files and folders
  • Several views: TreeView, ListView and IconView
  • Views sortable by name, type, size and date
  • Persistent user settings (view settings)
  • Display some file info (see screenshots)
  • Translations for american english and german

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

FileManager was an one-week start-off project to get started at Trolltech. So don’t expect well-written code or even a reasonable code size.

Further information

  • Source code and a package for the Greenphone (see bottom of this wiki page)
  • Have a look at the README for build instructions
  • Tested with Qtopia Phone Edition 4.3.1

Future plans

  • The application name is not always shown correctly (see screenshots) and the translated application name does not show up when installed on the Greenphone (Non code translatable stuff apparently broken, we tried some hours :-))
  • Improved search, the current interface only shows the found files and their location, we want direct editing and stuff
  • User interface fine-tuning, e.g. TreeView does not match up with the other views (current dir, expanded nodes, …)

Here are the files: