Yalla web server

In my 5th university semester I attended the course “Kommunikation & Netze” (communications & networks) and to pass that, our goal was to write a simple HTTP server. Mine passed the test, it is far away from being finished or even secure or feature complete, but it works.


  • select()-based
  • minimal POST implementation
  • features a demo webservice (a chat service)
  • fast

The web server in action

The source is released for reference purpose only, neither it shows good design principles (it started quite well-designed but as the course progressed, demand changes messed up my initial design) nor is it the only way to accomplish things. There was the idea (with some other students) of implementing a real web server with respect to what we’ve learned, but time is always short. So if you plan to realize such a project, have a look at the source.

Some benchmarking shows that it is quite fast

Grab the source here.