This is the projects main page, there are more to be found in sub-pages…

A collection of various e-Learning components for the Zope/Plone web-application platform. Plone is a quite popular CMS software used by many universities and companies. The eduComponents product suite provides facilities to automate testing of assignments, compare and grade assignments or quizzes and many more. I contributed to the components as part of a former university job.

You can find an overview, the documentation and download facility here and some official releases on

  • ECAssignmentBox
  • ECLecture
  • Various Joomla extensions
    Some modules/extensions for the Joomla! content-management system. Nothing spectacular, a fortune module (displaying slogans), a jabber notification plugin (does not work with all jabber servers) and a demo module to get the basics:

  • Dias
    A recursive directory indexer written in Java using Lucene hosted here at sourceforge.