Copying music

An anoyance that happens frequently when copying stuff from NTFS partitions to (whatever) Linux partition is the messed up file permissions. This can be fixed rather easily for, e.g., a music folder:

find music/ -type f | sed “s/^.*/\”&\”/” | xargs chmod 644

The above statement finds all files in the music folder, puts the resulting file names into parantheses (as they may contain spaces) and sets permissions suitable for music files. And in case of messy directory rights:

find music/ -type d | sed “s/^.*/\”&\”/” | xargs chmod 755

Heavier rotation

As you know from time to time I like to post some youtube vids of bands I currently enjoy. So without a big story, here’s this month’s rotation:
The first one’s a pretty cute song by She & Him and is entitled Gonna Get Along Without You Now: Another good one is called Thieves if you’re up for more.
The next one’s a really enjoyable indie folk piece by Seabear, an islandic band, called Seashell in a live version: As they are such an awesome band, you should checkout also their songs Arms and Wooden Teeth. Here’s another one that’s actually an intro:
Onwards with a french band, Louise Attaque. A must-hear is this one and also that one:
As always, I can’t resist posting an electronic music piece. This one’s actually a remix of Lali Puna‘s Fast Forward: .
The Crystal Method should be known, as they did a lot of remixes and movie scores. While most of ’em suck, here’s their best song: A summer sunny song by The Radio Dept. called Heaven’s on Fire: Comming (almost) to the end, a song that reminds me somehow of Modest Mouse by Local Natives:
And finally a fun piece, gypsy polkatronic madness by Analogik. The Album Klunserbeats Live is definitly worth a deeper look:

Musings About Music

Ok, here’s some music I recently stumbled upon. Some things are fresh others may be known already.

I particularly like the first one, Live Coach by Fang Island, it’s indie-something with a nice twist: 

More traditional but in a similar vein is the song Juliette by Hollerado:

Good, onwards to some electronic lounge music, Thievery Corporation, they’ve made quite a lot of interesting music, but this song is my favorite: 

Now to a band that I like not only for their music but also for their mission. Besides that they also make good music for children there’s always something to learn (for the child in all of us) in their songs. Here’s the smooth explanation on how the sun actually works by They Might Be Giants:

This one was discovered by my girlfriend (did someone say french music?), nice pop rock: The video reminds a bit me of my Bangkok trip.

Back to electronic music, this one is a really great piece from Jónsi, also known as the vocalist of Sigur Rós. Go do:

And finally something from the girl that everybody speaks of currently.  Bridges and Ballons by Joanna Newsom:

That’s it for today.


Backups! Yep, that thing you’re ought to do regularly. Today’s the day for me to do it. As being not quite content with the available solutions out there I tend to do it all by hand. This involves some tedious repetitions like packing directories. So here’s a little script that might be handy:

# Create a packed tarball of a directory or file in the
# current working directory with an optional filename prefix.
DATE=`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S`
case “$#” in
NAME=`echo $1-$DATE | sed “{s/ /_/g;s/\/$//}”`
NAME=`echo $2-$1-$DATE | sed “{s/ /_/g;s/\/$//}”`
* )
echo “Usage: pack FILE [PREFIX]”
echo “Create a packed tarball of FILE with an optional filename PREFIX.”
exit 1
tar -cf “$NAME.tar” “$1” && bzip2 “$NAME.tar”

Just paste that into for example /usr/local/bin/pack and set the executable bit. Afterwards, if you want to pack a directory test you can do a simple pack test or provide a prefix to the resulting file with a more complex pack test $HOST-$USER which results in something like festor-saschpe-test- 20091120-122101.tar.bz2 on my machine. And don’t forget to listen to classy music like this while backing up your stuff:

That’s it, have a nice weekend.