Chrome Custom Tabs for Android

Working with Custom Tabs isn’t exactly straightforward. Even minimal examples involve quite a bit of code as can be seen in the Official Chrome Custom Tabs documentation. What makes it worse is that one can’t expect Chrome to be available on any device. That means additional code to fall back to good old WebView. To … Continue reading Chrome Custom Tabs for Android


Android Playlist File Parser

For an upcoming Android App project of mine I had to parse PLS (or just Playlist) files. I decided to make this a generic Android library ready for re-use. It's braindead simple to use: // ... Playlist playlist = PlaylistParser.parse(inputStream); for (Playlist.Track track : playlist.getTracks()) { track.getFile(); track.getTitle(); // ... } Based on an InputStream … Continue reading Android Playlist File Parser

Fixing Steam on Linux OpenGL GLX warning

In some cases, Steam on Linux greets your with an error dialog stating: OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering, which may cause performance problems This is because Steam ships copies of several system libraries which may interfere with other libraries on your system that it doesn't replace. This can easily be fixed. Just … Continue reading Fixing Steam on Linux OpenGL GLX warning