By the way

Here’s what I was doing in the last days instead of preparing for my exams in Paris (though 3 of ’em went perfect and the other 2 are (planned) epic fails). Frederik Gladhorn started to write a Marble (desktop globe) wallpaper plugin for Plasma and blogged about it not long ago and I just couldn’t resist to toy around. There’s not much left to do currently, code is clean, only minor issues are left. Hopefully we have it shaped up to move it to extragear in time for KDE-4.2.



The screenshots show the KDE4 from trunk with compositing enabled (KWin just rocks these days) as well as Plasma’s greatness.

The beauty of it

Today I felt the need to just do a little show-off of my current desktop here because I am simply impressed by the visual (and functional) quality reached by KDE applications nowadays, the following shots where done on Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex with backports repository (to get KDE-4.1.3 and KOffice-2-beta-3) and the kubuntu-members-kde4 repository (to get Amarok-2-beta) enabled.

Amarok in action:


What stunned me most was Amarok’s behavior after installing and starting it … It simply continued to play my last song in that (randomization enabled) playlist I just left in Amarok-1.4, it continued to use all covers, my imported Magnatune catalog and my Last.FM stations, so no import session or lost nerves at all, great! Looks like I finally have to donate to the Amarok’ers to support their great work.