Visual Studio C# Block Outlining

The C# editor in Visual Studio supports collapsing/expanding namespaces, classes and methods (aka the outlining feature).¬† Unlike the C++ editor, it doesn't allow to collapse blocks (everything with braces, such as if/else, using, switch, etc.). However, you can retrofit this feature with the C# Outline 2013 extension. Installation Navigate to Tools -> Extensions and Updates … Continue reading Visual Studio C# Block Outlining


Thoughts about Oracle vs. Google

As the above heading works¬†perfectly for SEO currently, I should add my two cents on the topic. There's been a lot of interesting posts to read about the Oracle suit against Google in the blogosphere recently. The most insightful is probably the comment of James Gosling (the Java creator). Personally, I'm not to concerned about … Continue reading Thoughts about Oracle vs. Google