Fixing Steam on Linux OpenGL GLX warning

In some cases, Steam on Linux greets your with an error dialog stating: OpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering, which may cause performance problems This is because Steam ships copies of several system libraries which may interfere with other libraries on your system that it doesn't replace. This can easily be fixed. Just … Continue reading Fixing Steam on Linux OpenGL GLX warning


Importing Amarok statistics into Clementine

Recently, I switched from Amarok to Clementine for my daily music needs. Clementine is basically¬†a port of the old Amarok 1.4 to Qt4 with some fancy features added. However, my old Amarok database is full of playcounts, scores and ratings for my music, so I wrote this little shell script to import it into Clementine's … Continue reading Importing Amarok statistics into Clementine