GoDaddy DynDNS for the poor

Recently, I bought a fresh new domain from for my personal homepage that hosted on a server at home. Admittedly, I didn't really spend any time on customer satisfaction or the stuff they support, they just had the cheapest offer for a .me domain 🙂 So after getting used to their cluttered web interface, … Continue reading GoDaddy DynDNS for the poor


openSUSE Board candidacy

Hello fellow geekos, Let's start with a little introduction for those that don't know me. I've been involved in the openSUSE project for more than 3 years by now while being among the top ten contributors to Factory for most of the time. I mainly develop the Python and Go stacks as well as OpenStack. … Continue reading openSUSE Board candidacy

OBS: Introducting the “refresh_patches” source service

As you know, RPM (and DEB and ...) package building is a repetitive process and you would want to automate it as much as possible. In the context of the Open Build Service(OBS), source services can help you with exactly that. Over the time, the OBS community has implemented a whole range of source services. … Continue reading OBS: Introducting the “refresh_patches” source service

OBS 101: How to treat packages with multiple spec files

If you have an OBS package containing multiple spec files, you may have discovered that OBS only builds the spec file matching the OBS package name. If you want to have the other(s) spec file(s) built, you should use a link, don't use copypac! For example, devel:languages:python / python-nose is a OBS package containing four … Continue reading OBS 101: How to treat packages with multiple spec files