OBS 101: How to treat packages with multiple spec files

If you have an OBS package containing multiple spec files, you may have discovered that OBS only builds the spec file matching the OBS package name. If you want to have the other(s) spec file(s) built, you should use a link, don't use copypac! For example, devel:languages:python / python-nose is a OBS package containing four … Continue reading OBS 101: How to treat packages with multiple spec files

Official Last.fm scrobbler for openSUSE

Good news, the official Last.fm audio scrobbler is now available for openSUSE through the Packman package repositories. Why do I care, you might question yourselves and you're partly right, openSUSE already ships a big bunch of multimedia apps (like Amarok, Clementine and Banshee) that all have Last.fm support built-in. However, for all of those you … Continue reading Official Last.fm scrobbler for openSUSE

The times they are a changin’

Everything changes, so do our packages. But change needs to be explained in order to become relevant. Regarding packaging, this involves the art of writing good changelog entries. Here is an example from an otherwise very capable packager: Spec files updates: Changes in License. Updates in Group:, Summary: and %description entries. Updates in %build section … Continue reading The times they are a changin’