Hard disc benchmarks and data safety

Out of a discussion with darix regarding optimal hard disc layout (using RAID levels and LVM), I happened to benchmark my setup with bonnie++. The machine runs openSUSE-11.3 with the kernel. Storage-wise it has two identical Samsung HD103UJ 1TB discs using Intel Matrix Raid. The main area of the discs use RAID-0 to max out performance. … Continue reading Hard disc benchmarks and data safety

Palm Pre SDK

Finally, Palm opened up developer.palm.com to the public. Read more in this announcement. Apple also recently released a "fix" to shut out the Pre from iTunes, this GCDS talk talks about open alternatives. Hopefully the GSM version of the Pre gets released real soon 🙂 Update: Another article in the same vein just popped up.

The mainframe

While my university semester's end is not to far away now, I had a lot of fun with a course called "Mainframe Computing" held the first time at our university. According to this slashdot article it's good to gain some knowledge in that old wizardry. Seems like the Mainframe is on the rise again.