Android library publication in 2020

Using Gradle 6, Kotlin DSL and Dokka. Many guides and how-to's about publishing Android libraries use outdated information. While the (deprecated) Gradle maven plugin, bintray or artifactory plugins continue to work just fine, things look a little different when using Gradle Kotlin DSL. Also, when creating Android libraries written in Kotlin, code documentation should use … Continue reading Android library publication in 2020

eBay’s funny mail restrictions vs. the plus extension

Since eBay recently lost a complete database dumb, I thought let's join the other 145 million guys and change me good old password. While doing that I wanted to update my mail address too. BTW, I recently changed to and I am very (very very) happy with it. Unfortunatley though eBay's very (very very) … Continue reading eBay’s funny mail restrictions vs. the plus extension