Konsole’s user interface changes

Konsole is the app that probably almost every KDE developer uses on a daily basis, but there hasn't been much development on the user interface front during the last releases. The two brave souls Robert Knight and Kurt Hindenburg are busy triaging and fixing bugs. So to say Konsole is more maintained than developed due … Continue reading Konsole’s user interface changes


GSoC updates: the client agent

This follow-up post is about my proceedings for my GSoC project to integrate SyncML support in Akonadi. This consists basically of two parts, a server agent and a client agent. The former allows other devices to talk to your Akonadi server while the latter let's your Akonadi server speak with others. Quite simple? Not really, … Continue reading GSoC updates: the client agent

GSoC status update for weeks 3-5

Ok, this one took a bit longer than expected. But better late than never.. In the last 3 weeks I've been concentrating on the SyncML server agent. Here is how it currently looks: As you can see, I streamlined it quite a bit but there's still a lot of options available. This is necessary to … Continue reading GSoC status update for weeks 3-5


GSoC week 1-2 wrap up

Ok, time to write a bit about my progress in the first two GSoC coding weeks. So far, the foundations are laid out, I finally decided which SyncML implementation to use and how to realize what I plan. En plus, some code already hit playground 😉 First of all I decided to go for libsyncml … Continue reading GSoC week 1-2 wrap up


Is it Windows 7 or KDE 4

Find out what people think with this ZDNet video... See you at FOSDEM!


Kigo testing wanted

Remember that go game (as in Weiqi, the traditional chinese board game) in development for KDE? After a 3 weeks break (holidays, new year and a paper to write), I'm now back at full speed getting this thingy shaped up. If you want to help testing, add that PPA repository for Ubuntu Jaunty (development version) … Continue reading Kigo testing wanted


Going to FOSDEM

Apart from being excited about that I still have to fetch a place to sleep on saturday. Having read this promising offer I was wondering if someone wants to join booking a group room?