openSUSE Board candidacy

Hello fellow geekos,

Let’s start with a little introduction for those that don’t know me. I’ve been involved in the openSUSE project for more than 3 years by now while being among the top ten contributors to Factory for most of the time. I mainly develop the Python and Go stacks as well as OpenStack. Since I was part of the OBS team in the past, I still contribute from time to time to source services, OBS and osc. But I guess most contributors know me for my involvement in the reviewing process of Factory submissions and maintenance updates. After taking over this responsibility from darix and doing it alone for a while, I helped shaping up the review team we have today. As a result, the review process that was solely done by SUSE employees in the past shifted to a team that consists of both SUSE employees and community members.  I also created and maintain the Continuous Integration infrastructure that allowed to move formerly internal-only testing processes into the hands of the community. There, we’re testing the OBS, our OpenStack packages and Yast.

As a board member, I would like to continue on that route and help others opening up more of the processes and tools and transition them into the wider openSUSE community. I don’t have an easy answer nor the authority to address challenging topics such as the foundation, but I believe in small, steady step. So if you choose to vote for me, you shouldn’t expect just a talker or a regular meeting attendee, rather you would get our practical issues addressed.

Ok, that was a little longer than intended, so without further ado, I hereby would like to announce my candidacy for the openSUSE Board.

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