Open source project licensing

Whenever you decide to publish some code somewhere in the internet, you have to think about the license. For many of us not being lawyers, this is a rather random choice. Given what we’ve been told is best, we usually just use any GPL flavor or Apache, MIT or BSD and don’t spend much time on the matter. Trouble usually starts when you add 3rd-party dependencies to your code which have different licenses. At first, you wouldn’t care, you only need the functionality. But when it comes to distribution, problems may arise. There’s countless articles on how to mix and match various licenses, which one is compatible to the other, etc. One website I found particularly useful is It presents licenses in a brief TL;DR form and allows to compare licenses. Most importantly, it also allows to combine licenses, i.e. what happens if your code becomes LGPL-3.0+ and Apache-2.0 licensed. A very helpful thing:


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