Thoughts about Oracle vs. Google

As the above heading works perfectly for SEO currently, I should add my two cents on the topic. There’s been a lot of interesting posts to read about the Oracle suit against Google in the blogosphere recently. The most insightful is probably the comment of James Gosling (the Java creator). Personally, I’m not to concerned about the Java platform as I’ve never been a big fan of the Language and the Platform admittedly, so I am watching this as a bystander mostly. As a big supporter of Open Source and Free Software, to me this patent claim clearly shows that all (even popular) programming languages that are owned and maintained by a commercially interested body carry some dangers. Most of these where already explained by people way more capable than me but it is clear that for developers there is a rich choice of alternatives to choose from: C, C++, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go and some others. I’m not sure about the D language but everything based on the .NET platform should better be avoided. I may be biased but this case will only accelerate the demise of the Java platform, the server world gets more and more diverse and I’ve yet to see a Java killer app for the desktop. Actually, the Dalvik is the most interesting Java-related technology since a while and I fear that it will stay around a little longer in the mobile sector. The question if the net outcome will be positive for Oracle and for the Language, as this is likely to cause some FUD. Even if the patent claim is justified (as James Gosling suggests), I’m unsure if the extra billions are worth the long-time image and credibility losses. On the other hand its software patents again…

Another interesting aspect is that Google is back on the bright side of live after all the tremors caused by the Verizon net neutrality pact and the release of Google Street View in Germany. Now Oracle is the bad guy (again, after the OpenSolaris “press” release)…

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