Dominion Strategies

For all the un-initiated, Dominion is a card-based board game that is both brilliant and addicting. It earned the german Spiel des Jahres (game of the year) 2009 award for a reason. About two weeks ago, I bought Dominion: Intrigue, the second standalone version of the game the german cover is depicted below). Also there are alreay a couple of expansions out…

However, my girlfriend and me had some matches yesterday and in the third one (we had a draw until then), I litteraly stumpled upon a killer strategy. This only works out if the following two cards are available, the Courtyard and the Trading Post (depicted are the german cards):

Ok, the strategy itself is quite simple, you have to buy two courtyards and one trading post in your first 3 – 4 turns. Don’t buy any other kingdom cards. In the next turns try to trade all your copper for silver and get rid of your Estate cards. This should result in a deck with only silver cards, two courtyards and the trading post. From then on you will have enough money in almost every turn to buy a Province. In that two-player game, I was able to buy all 8 provinces and some Duchey‘s and therefore won easily. Remember, don’t buy anything else than provinces! If you shouldn’t have enough money at a later point (because your deck is already filled with victory cards), you may as well buy some gold. One exception, if the Shanty Town card is available, you can buy one to be able to play two action cards in one turn. This strategy has several advantages, first of all the trading post can be used to get rid of curses or other kingdom cards you don’t want (or got accidentally through the Masquerade or similar cards). En plus, it keeps your deck really small, which means you’ll be able to get your provinces fast, fast, fast. Finally, you don’t waste money, it’s only used for buying victory cards 🙂

So there’s two conclusions here. First of all if both cards are available, it this strategy seems to be a save bet to win. Secondly, you should avoid playing a game with both cards at the same time… By the way, further info and strategies can be found in the (german) dominion blog. Feel free to post your experiences.


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