Heavier rotation

As you know from time to time I like to post some youtube vids of bands I currently enjoy. So without a big story, here’s this month’s rotation:
The first one’s a pretty cute song by She & Him and is entitled Gonna Get Along Without You Now: Another good one is called Thieves if you’re up for more.
The next one’s a really enjoyable indie folk piece by Seabear, an islandic band, called Seashell in a live version: As they are such an awesome band, you should checkout also their songs Arms and Wooden Teeth. Here’s another one that’s actually an intro:
Onwards with a french band, Louise Attaque. A must-hear is this one and also that one:
As always, I can’t resist posting an electronic music piece. This one’s actually a remix of Lali Puna‘s Fast Forward: .
The Crystal Method should be known, as they did a lot of remixes and movie scores. While most of ’em suck, here’s their best song: A summer sunny song by The Radio Dept. called Heaven’s on Fire: Comming (almost) to the end, a song that reminds me somehow of Modest Mouse by Local Natives:
And finally a fun piece, gypsy polkatronic madness by Analogik. The Album Klunserbeats Live is definitly worth a deeper look:

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