Musings About Music

Ok, here’s some music I recently stumbled upon. Some things are fresh others may be known already.

I particularly like the first one, Live Coach by Fang Island, it’s indie-something with a nice twist: 

More traditional but in a similar vein is the song Juliette by Hollerado:

Good, onwards to some electronic lounge music, Thievery Corporation, they’ve made quite a lot of interesting music, but this song is my favorite: 

Now to a band that I like not only for their music but also for their mission. Besides that they also make good music for children there’s always something to learn (for the child in all of us) in their songs. Here’s the smooth explanation on how the sun actually works by They Might Be Giants:

This one was discovered by my girlfriend (did someone say french music?), nice pop rock: The video reminds a bit me of my Bangkok trip.

Back to electronic music, this one is a really great piece from Jónsi, also known as the vocalist of Sigur Rós. Go do:

And finally something from the girl that everybody speaks of currently.  Bridges and Ballons by Joanna Newsom:

That’s it for today.

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