Acid testing

Always seeking for distraction, I just loaded to see how all the browsers I’ve installed on my machine score…

These are currently:

Name (Engine ) : Version
Konqueor (KHTML) : 4.2.88 devel
Firefox (Gecko) : 3.0.10 stable
ReKonq (Webkit) : 0.1.1 devel
Opera (?) : 9.64 Build 2480 stable

So that’s Opera up left, ReKonq down left, Konqi up right and finally Firefox down right:


and also Internet Explorer 8 was able to join the competition:


Obvious (though not perfect) win for Webkit, followed by KHTML. It would be interesting to see how Firefox 3.5 beta performs. Noteworthy is that Opera showed to smoothest loading transitions.


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