Comparing memory requirements

There’s been some discussion about memory requirements of popular Unix desktops lately and I’d like to add my two cents.

It is said that both KDE and Gnome use about 1.2G RAM inside a vanilla session (speak default install, no other stuff open). Here’s what I found…

I am running the KDE development version (SVN trunk, what will become KDE-4.3) under openSUSE 11.1. The standard session (without Strigi indexer and Akonadi) takes about 820M of RAM (The screenshot shows about 835M with KSysGuard included which takes about 16M).


For the standard workload I asume the user running a browser (Konqueror, 3 tabs open), a chat application (Kopete), a terminal emulator (Konsole), his favorite music player (Amarok, ) and a PIM-Suite (Kontact with KMail and Akregator running).


That setup takes about 1.2G of RAM. At least it seems to me that current KDE takes a lot less RAM in general than what was communicated elsewhere.


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