Kigo testing wanted

Remember that go game (as in Weiqi, the traditional chinese board game) in development for KDE? After a 3 weeks break (holidays, new year and a paper to write), I’m now back at full speed getting this thingy shaped up.


If you want to help testing, add that PPA repository for Ubuntu Jaunty (development version) to your /etc/apt/sources.list, update and install the kigo package and have fun!

deb jaunty main

26 thoughts on “Kigo testing wanted

  1. Dmitri: I’m happy to let you know that, in the true spirit of equality and fairness, betatesters will get the same pay as the developers!

  2. Very nice. I have been testing it and here are some comments:
    – moves numbers for black should be drawn in white
    – it would be nice to show the last move of the opponent in a special way

  3. running kubuntu 8.10, package from jaunty installed anyway. but game does not work. I hit New game, Computer is White, Human is black. Hit start but cannot hit on the board.

    click New again, change the board size from 19×19 to 9×9, Hit Start, the board stays large.

    some nice wooden pixmaps for the board would be appreciated too.

    and instead of making the mouse cursor a stone, keep it a regular cursor (array/cross) and make the tiny dot that is very hard to see the actual stones.

    thats it for now, until I can actually play.

    and yes IGS support would be awesome.

  4. I tested on kubuntu 8.10. Very promising program !
    But I got troubles in trying to read svg files I had (I could not navigate at all in the tree of moves, no button). Is it a bug, or is the feature still not implemented ?
    Thanks and good luck!

  5. could I reuse a kpart from kigo to build a small plasma applet ?
    or, could you include one with kigo ?


  6. Hi,

    I’ve been unable to download kigo for opensuse 11.1. Here is the output:

    [Kigo|] Can’t provide file ‘./x86_64/kigo-0.5.3-4.1.x86_64.rpm’ from repository ‘Kigo’
    – Download (curl) error for ‘’:
    Error code: Connection failed
    Error message: Couldn’t resolve host ‘’

    – Can’t provide ./x86_64/kigo-0.5.3-4.1.x86_64.rpm : Media Exception

    Please Advise.

    Looking forward!

  7. that seems to be a problem related to openSUSE BuildService, probably a mirror but I can’t really figure out why that should be “”. Neither does that URL exist nor does it seem to be related to Novell. Try removing and re-adding the repository, otherwise you should file a bug against BuildService.

  8. “betatesters will get the same pay as the developers!”

    -Now that everyting is clear, where should I start? 😉

    First, I managed to download it. That’s good.

    I played a 19×19 game, it was good, but there was no end, even after we both passed or even when I clicked the “Finish Game” button, I mean no counting, no “You Win” (or “You Lose”), nothing.
    I saved it and reload it and still nothing.

    -9×9 or smaller board, gave me jagged stone images, imposible to tell exactly where to place them, only after, place them, the board looked ok.

    -again no “Finish”

    -white color numbers only appear when black play, when white makes a move they disappear.

    -no easy to tell where was the last move.


    -a Play, Stop, etc button for automatic replaying purposes. This is also good if I want to load a saved game and want to recreate it, play by play. Good for learning.


  9. Uhm, I think I just didn’t provide any. Remember that Kigo is still in KDE’s playground, so to say it’s still alpha-quality and has no real release yet 🙂

    @Hekkro: Thanks a lot for your feedback, you’re right, “finishing” a game is currently a TODO. I plan to provide some statistics, maybe highscores.. sort of these things. I’m going to do more active development at the end of summer, university keeps be busy currently 😉

  10. Are you still working on this project? KDE, and Linux need a good go client that is not written in Java.

  11. Sure, but to be honest, I’ve been busy with university stuff lately and my GSoC projects has it’s share too 🙂 Anyway, I plan to fix the some more issues soon. After that I plan to have an initial release, seems to be realistic still this year…

  12. Not sure if this is the right place to put this but it would be nice if you could still hit the back button and see the stone order after the game is over.

  13. Like the game very much but there is one feature that might be changed: when the computer is losing badly, it resigns, computing what it thinks will be the final result (assuming “best” play by opponent). This computation takes a long time. Once the computer resigns, there is no way to continue to see if human (my) play is as good (or bad) as the computer calculated. It would be nice
    a) to turn off resigning and have the computer pick a “best move” and
    b) to be able to go back to where the computer resigned and play to the end without the computer resigning again on the next move.

    Thank you for considering this.

    Debian 8.2 is my OS.

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