The beauty of it

Today I felt the need to just do a little show-off of my current desktop here because I am simply impressed by the visual (and functional) quality reached by KDE applications nowadays, the following shots where done on Kubuntu Intrepid Ibex with backports repository (to get KDE-4.1.3 and KOffice-2-beta-3) and the kubuntu-members-kde4 repository (to get Amarok-2-beta) enabled.

Amarok in action:


What stunned me most was Amarok’s behavior after installing and starting it … It simply continued to play my last song in that (randomization enabled) playlist I just left in Amarok-1.4, it continued to use all covers, my imported Magnatune catalog and my Last.FM stations, so no import session or lost nerves at all, great! Looks like I finally have to donate to the Amarok’ers to support their great work.

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