Hello Planet KDE!

Hi everyone, I finally made it to write my first blog entry for the planet!

Time to talk a bit about my self as I’m still quite new to KDE development. Harald Fernengel managed to push my nose onto KDE-4 back in the days when I was a Trolltech intern earlier this year and I began playing around. As I got addicted to the environment, I started writing a set of smaller apps and remembered my attempt to write a Go (the famous chinese game more computationally complex than chess) user interface. My previous attempt stalled somehow (related to PyGTK and …) but I started to get something serious done with kdelibs and libkdegames.

The obvious SVN account followed soon after the first demo hit the lists and there is now something playable in playground/games/kgo. Expect a more in-depth post about the current state and my current activity in the next few days… Apart from that I started to get involved into kde-utils some time ago and offered to polish kwalletmanager (still on my disk, shame on me) and did some little patches for dolphin and libkdegames.

Stay tuned!


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